Top German Traditionally-Inspired Beer You Can Try in Canada

Across the world, people have a passion for delicious and well-prepared beer. There is a unique taste you get from a traditionally-inspired beer made by the Canadian breweries. Many breweries specialize in making beers that originated from Germany. The flavour and alcohol content are one of a kind, and they offer satisfaction to consumers of beer. Here are some types of German beer prepared in Canada; you should not leave the country without tasting.


This is a wheat beer made in Bavarian style. It is on top of the list of beer you must try. If you are in Canada, go to a pub and ask for this beer. You will have the best drinking experience at a low-cost. Customers around the world can import this drink and enjoy that delicious taste it has. It will be ideal if you need a refreshing feeling after a meal.

Erdinger Kristall

If you are obsessed with German-inspired beer, you should try Erdinger Kristall. The world’s largest brewery produces it for wheat beer drinkers. Consumers across the globe can enjoy this drink at a reasonable price. On a hot summer day, it becomes the perfect drink to quench your thirst.

Spaten Oktoberfest

An individual can’t exhaust the range of German-inspired beers. Canadians are fond of beers that originate from the Bavarian cities. Oktoberfest is prepared in March and served to people during the autumn. This beer has a malty taste, which attracts many people who like consuming beer.

Augustiner Hell

Despite having this name, it is not a region where people go to roast, but a fermented and cold beer. It was first made by a Munich brewery, which is one of the oldest in brewing history. It is a suitable drink for city dwellers and has a sparkling, refreshing, and mild taste. You can choose from this list of beers and enjoy the German brands in Canada.