Brauerei Fahr | Fahr Away Hefeweizen
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Fahr Away Hefeweizen


Fahr Away is a very refreshing, light, and well-balanced beer that is a delight to drink. This Hefeweizen is perfectly suited to summer patio time but can easily be enjoyed year round due to its balance of sweetness and crispness. The Weihenstephan yeast used in this brew imparts banana and clove aromas and flavors naturally.


Has won eight awards since 2013 in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia

(5 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)

Technically Speaking

Fahr Hefeweizen adheres to the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) guidelines. The beer is served “mit Hefe” and therefore very turbid. The high carbonation level of 6.5 g/L CO2 provides the refreshing effervescence this style demands. The high wheat part of the grain bill together with the pilsner malt gives the beer a medium body without being heavy. When drinking, the stable foam sticks to the glass forming patterns known as “lacing”. This lacing is a sign of a high quality beer and judges are always looking for this effect. It can be compared to legs on a high quality wine. The noble hops used in this brew prevent the beer from being overly sweet or cloying, and subtly underlines the flavors of the yeast and grains.