Brauerei Fahr | A Little Too Fahr Pilsner
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A Little Too Fahr Pilsner


This medium bodied pilsner/märzen carries a clean, crisp flavor with moderate hops. With uplifting floral aromas, this filtered brew pairs well with light dishes, salads and good times.


Has won one award in 2015 in Alberta

(1 silver)

Technically Speaking

This crossover between German and Bohemian styles is a novelty in Canada but a very old technique in Southwest Germany. This technique gives Brauerei Fahr a competitive advantage for this new beer.

Southwest German Pilsners combine German noble hops with the malty taste profile of a Bohemian Pilsner. Fahr Pils will be a Southwest German Pilsner, a variety that has not been seen in Western Canada. The beer itself is hops forward and German noble hops are exclusively used. This imparts a well-rounded bitterness together with a floral, slightly spicy flavor typical to standard German Pilsners. The bitterness from the hops is balanced with a maltiness that is highlighted by the yeast and mashing schedule. Further refinements of the recipe may or may not include decoction mashing (boiling of a partial amount of grains to release complex caramels and unfermentable sugars).