Canada is a Country of Craft Beer

Before the first world war, Canada had established 117 breweries. People in this country consume beer, and it is rooted in their culture. The brewing industry in Canada was massively affected by the first world war. By the end of the 1980s, only 10 breweries were operating in this country. The two largest breweries in Canada are Molson and Labatt. They have over 95% of the total share of the brewing industry.

Canadian Breweries Making German Beer

In the early 90s, many Germans migrated to Canada. The common thing with Germans is that they move their culture with them. You must understand that Germans take their beers wherever they go. They had to establish companies that brew the German traditional inspired beer.

Since the year 2000, the crafted German beer in Canada has hit double-digit growth in the market. Investors in brewing industries have made a significant profit over a short duration. Apart from making a profit, the breweries have stabilized the economy in British Columbia.

German Beer Brewed by Canadian Breweries

If you are in love with German beer, it will be best if you chose one made in Canada. The breweries in Canada make the best beer with different alcohol content. Here are names of the traditional German beer you can get in Canada:

  • Altbier and Kolsch
  • Rauchbier/Smoked beer
  • Pilsner

Dunkles Lager or Helles

In case you want to consume these drinks, look for a pub or beer hall that sells these products. You’ll enjoy drinking the flavoured and fermented German beer.

The Cost of German Beer in Canada

Before you buy a beer, it will be wise if you consider its price. The German beers are sold at a reasonable price, and customers can drink beer at a low-cost. You can order a traditional German beer and enjoy drinking flavoured beer.