Brewing Systems Used by Canadian Breweries

Since 1986, the Canadian breweries have been using an automated system to produce crafted beer. Investors understand that people consume German-inspired beer in large quantities. This makes Canadian breweries produce beer using an automated brewing system.

The demand for crafted German beer is high. Breweries in Canada use wheat to brew beer. These companies need to use automated systems when brewing beer. Here are specific things you need to understand about the brewing system in Canada.

Using Barrel System of 5 to15

The breweries that produce traditional German beer use a production system of the highest quality. The companies have pride in this industry. They have the necessary machines that make quality German crafted beer.

The breweries use the friendly diverting panels that offer quality plumbing solution. When you are using a brewing pub system, you are given the 2-vessel configuration in a 5 -15 microbrewery barrel.

System Mounted With Skid

Some breweries in Canada produce crafted German beer using the skid-mounted structure. This is a play and plug system that helps in brewing more beer. The skid structure is pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and mounted on a skid, which is stainless steel. You remove the container, connect the utilities, and brew the German-inspired beer.

An All-In-One system

The exclusive 3 and 5 cask system is offering a considerable solution to the brewpub. The breweries that would want to save space and maintain quality should install this system. Many breweries in Canada use this system when making their beer.

Ancillary Equipment

Yeast management, dry hopping, and keg washing are some of those puzzles needed to complete a brewery. With this equipment, you can start brewing excellent German traditional beer. The fermentation tanks are spacious and help Canadian breweries to brew beer in large quantities. It would make sense if an investor chose one of these systems when establishing a brewery.