A Guide to Brewed German Beer in Canada

Germans like drinking beer and this is not a secret. There are over 7,000 varieties of brewed beer in Germany. A significant number of breweries are found in Bavaria, which is the southern part of Germany. The beer festival Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, which is the primary home of this event.

German breweries have been established in many countries across the world. In Canada, you will find companies that brew German beer and supply the entire region. Here are the types of German traditionally-inspired beer brewed in Canada.


In Canadian breweries, you will find the German beer that is considered a classy brew. Pilsner from a tap takes about seven minutes to settle in a glass. It is carbonated and highly pressurized. Breweries in Canada brew a Pilsner that is light in colour and has from 4 to 5.2 alcohol content.

Dunkles Lager or Helles

This beer is prepared for the working-class and originated in Dortmund and Munich. You can find this type of beer at intimate pubs, beer halls, and it is usually consumed in large glasses. If you are in Canada, you can visit a pub or beer hall and ask for a Helles.

Altbier and Kolsch

These drinks are distinct and have connections with the city of Koln/Cologne. You can find them in various breweries across the world. Its content is over 5% alcohol, which makes it suitable for drinking. The flavour of malt it contains is appealing to people who like drinking beer.

Rauchbier/Smoked Beer

People make meat flavourful by smoking it. If you can do this to beef, why shouldn’t you smoke beer? Rauchbier is dark in colour and has a distinct flavour. Customers like this beer as it is fermented. You can go to a pub in Canada and drink the best German brewed beer in the country.